It’s been widely observed around the world that there is a significant gap between the skill set demanded by corporations and the skill set possessed by individuals.

prospects, particularly those who have recently graduated



Orbus recognizes and hires individuals with skills / without particular skill sets after evaluating their potential



Orbus Expertise’s in the field of Training in all the major IT languages and trends of upcoming demands too



Orbus caters to fortune 500 companies sourcing potential candidates on contract and permanent positions

HTD Experts


The Problem

Organizations end up investing a lot of money and time training these individuals and bringing them up to the level that most companies expect. This is a long-standing issue that the entire corporate world has had to deal with. There is a new service called HTD that is being provided to solve this problem and save corporations a significant amount of money (Hire, Train, and Deploy).


Hire, Train, and Deploy (HTD) is a service that is based on the particular skill set that firms demand. HTD service providers train the resources and then deploy them with the clients once the training is completed. Companies save a lot of time and money by using this approach, and they acquire the resources they need. One of the most popular staffing services is Hire, Train, and Deploy.


Orbus, being one of the largest staffing firms, provides clients with full Hire, Train, and Deploy services. No other staffing company can even come close to providing the quality of services Collabera provides, with its state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with all the latest technologies required for delivering the perfect training and a team that knows the clients’ needs and technologies like the back of their hand. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about how the Hire, Train, and Deploy methodology might benefit you or your firm.

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